Series 1 – The 10 Gates in Horse & Rider – Spring Series


Spring Series 10 gates in the Horse & Rider Seminar 1,2,3


An opportunity to buy and keep the series of seminars conducted in the Spring of 2018. In this series, James will goes deeper than he has ever gone before into this seemingly mystical subject that makes effortless riding seem magical from the outside. Explained simply and directly James will de-mystify this little known skill in the art of Riding From Within.
Packed with leading edge information you will not find anywhere else, this series contain 3 seminars and each seminar consists of a 60 minute lecture followed by an open Q&A which lasts as long as it takes to answer all the questions posed live.

Seminar 1 – Introduction to the 10 Gates

In this first lecture James delivers an overview of the 10 Gates in horse and rider; What they are, what they do and how to open and close them.


Seminar 2 – Receiving Energy: Gates 1,2,3,4 & 7

The second lecture dives into the Gates that receive the forces of the horse and gravity with detailed explanation of their roles in riding.


Seminar 3 – Redirecting Energy: Gates 5,6,8,9 & 10

The third and final lecture dives into the Gates that re-direct the forces that all riders have to contend with in the saddle, again with detailed explanation of their roles.


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