True Harmony between Horse and Rider

Based on ancient, almost forgotten principles that govern movement, Ride from Within brings forth a new paradigm in riding. Your horse lives by these principles, horses own balanced and powerful movement. They do not need us to teach them how to move. It is us that need to learn how to move like them.

New Paradigm “New findings that completely change the way people think about or interact with something”

Ride from Within is the ONLY riding method that has discovered and identified the 3rd-dimensional movement in the horses' pelvis. It is the only movement the horse cannot put into the rider’s seat when we ride.

In order to have an effective and influential seat that can match and lead the power of the horse, we need to learn to move like them to connect with them, otherwise we take our limited 2-dimensional and unbalanced movement to the saddle which directly restricts and impedes their natural state of balance, power and therefore fluid effortless movement.

When we learn to move 3 dimensionally in our pelvis the horse is free to move as he was designed to and horse and rider become One, riding from the inside out.


Meet James Shaw

James Shaw is a new kind of riding teacher dedicated to helping people transform themselves and their riding by bringing forth a new paradigm in our physical connection to the horse which is a door way into complete connection, mind, body and spirit. This is a path to Mastery, the elusive harmonious, fluid connection we all dream of but for centuries has remained in the hands of a select few.

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Kathy King Johnson, M.Ed.

“I am not an “airy-fairy” person. I am very pragmatic. There was nothing magical in what James did, except for the results. At 52, I am riding better, longer and more difficult horses than I have ridden since my 20s….. If one approaches the work with an open mind, there is no limit to how much James can help any level of rider. Your horses will thank you!”

– Kathy King Johnson, M.Ed.
Executive Director Medicine Horse Program

Lynne Riddell

“We are at the forefront of a new paradigm in ethical riding and training and for the sake of your horse I challenge you, whether novice or advanced, to find the real truth in your seat like I did and Ride From Within.”

– Lynne Riddell
Founder of Sense and Feeling Equitation, BHS Accredited Professional Coach.

Susan hoffman

The information that I have gained from participating in the james Shaw clinic is invaluable , I am a better instructor because of his generouse nature and clearity of explanation. The tai chi principals combined with James comprehensive teaching style has proven to be the most valuble instruction that I’ve ever experienced.

-Suzi Hoffman Peacock
USDF4th Level Certified Instructor/Trainer, USDF Silver Medalist and National Champion.


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An Introduction to Ride From Within (Part 2)

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Jan 22 2019 by Gillian Shaw | 0 COMMENTS

An Introduction to Ride From Within (Part 1)

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Jan 22 2019 by Gillian Shaw | 0 COMMENTS

What Does James See?

This article is a written companion to the video

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Jul 03 2018 by rideadmin | 0 COMMENTS

This article is a written companion to the video

This is the first morning of a clinic for horse and rider and they are both clearly distracted by the new environment. I see the distraction in the horse not just by the obvious, head up, ears pricked but more importantly I am looking at the irregularity of the footfalls. I am looking at not only where he places his feet but the speed at which each foot is moving on the circle. When all four feet move at different speeds, the rider is not connected through her seat bones.

Remember, the horse’s hind feet step under the dropping weight in each seat bone. To begin with, the rider’s outside seat bone drops more than the inside causing the horse to step under more quickly and with a shorter stride and we see a constant ‘drift’ to the outside hind in order to ‘get under’ the dropping weight. This also causes a ‘twist’ in the horse’s barrel to the inside, seen clearly between 1:06 and 1:16 in the video.

In the middle of the clip at halt (3:01 to 3:06) notice how the horse bends his neck beautifully to the inside when I move the riders weight more correctly to the inside and watch as the weight falls to the outside when I release the saddle, the horse’s spine twists to the outside. The horse then has to adjust in the fore and haunches to catch the weight. This compensation is in every stride if the rider does not change her weight aid, if you look closely you will see it in the swing of the barrel and the tension on the side of the neck.

This is a common problem that most riders address with the inside rein, treating the symptom not the root cause of the problem.

At 4:20 we see a beautiful change in the speed, bend and connection between the horse and rider as she gets and keep enough weight over the inside side bone not letting her weight drop to the outside, with no use of rein. Well ridden!

Written by James Shaw and Gillian Ruddy

©2015 James Shaw Healing Arts LLC. All rights reserved. No copying or reproduction of content without permission.

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