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The following podcasts were taken from real lessons recorded live:


1. Introduction to the power of breath

In this podcast, James takes the rider through an introduction to the breath. He teaches a visualisation technique to engage the right brain, the creative mind, the part of the brain used when developing 'feel' and sensitivity.

Download Podcast Introduction to the power of breath


2. Heightened awareness of breath.

In this podcast, James teaches the rider how to expand their awareness of their breath, the first step to changing it. He explains the importance of breath in setting rhythm which is the key to timing.

Download Podcast Heightened awareness of breath


3. Rhythmic breathing

In this podcast, James explains how to become aware of the rhythm of your breath providing the quickest way to connect and join with your horse. James also explains a breathing technique which prevents the rider from holding his or her breath.

Download Podcast Rhythmic breathing


4. Lowering your breath into the abdomen

In this podcast, James explains breathing 'into the abdomen' which lowers the centre of gravity of the rider which is mirrored in the horse. James gives techniques to lower the riders' breath and explains how to make this an unconscious habit.

Download Podcast Lowering your breath into the abdomen


5. Awareness of your sit bones

In this podcast, James explains the importance of the sit bones and teaches how to gain awareness of them, the key to controlling the weight aid. He explains the importance of the weight aid and how the riders weight in the sit bones affects the receiving of the horses power.

Download Podcast Awareness of your sit bones


6. Balancing sit bones with breath

In this podcast, James takes the rider through a technique to engage the creative mind in order to gain heightened awareness of the sit bones. James explains how to find out if your weight is even on both sit bones and how to correct any imbalance with the breath. The rider is also taught how an awareness of the movement of the sit bones leads to knowing where the horses hind feet are at all times, essential to perfect timing of the aids.

Download Podcast Balancing sit bones with breath