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Each clinic is custom designed with the needs of the group mind. The content will vary depending on group size and riding discipline. In general, James’ clinics are held over two, three or four days. Each day is divided into two parts. In the morning James works with the group teaching the principles of Tai Chi on the ground as they will be applied in the saddle. He uses a set of healing exercises called Laing gong which have two major benefits to riders. They enable the rider to recognize and change their unconscious habits that have created patterns of imbalance and they help get the ‘rust’ out of the joints. The morning ‘workshop’ is open to non-riders.

In the afternoon each rider receives a private or shared lesson, depending on time available and number of riders. Each mounted lesson first addresses the riders specific root issues uncovered in the mornings ground work. Building on this new foundation of true balance, James then teaches the rider ‘how to’ apply ‘Ride From Within’ techniques to their riding.

Sample clip during a lesson with James: