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Standing Meditation

Standing meditation, like all meditation, is designed to calm and focus the mind and body to achieve greater self awareness. The unique quality of standing meditation is that is aligns the body with gravity in such a way as to allow the larger, tension holding muscles of the body to release and relax in a way that sitting meditation cannot. With regular practise, you will learn to achieve this balanced state of mind and body at will, throughout your day, whenever you find yourself out of balance with yourself or your surroundings. This is a vital, living meditation designed to help re-align your body and one that you can take into your day and into the rest of your life.

Standing Meditation Audio Downloads

FREE Daily Meditation (9 mins)

This short version of Standing Meditation has been produced to help you fit this powerful meditation into your busy life. Try doing it daily, before Laing Gong or before you ride. To help you further it's FREE! If you like it and get value from it, please share it with your friends and consider what the full version will do for you!

Full Standing Meditation (23 minutes)

A deeper meditation designed to be practised weekly or whenever you have more time available to you. In this meditation James will take you deeper into your body to uncover and release hidden tension.

Price: $15Buy Now

Listen to a preview:
Introduction to the power of breath


Wow! I just did the Standing Meditation I downloaded from James' website. My neck and shoulder on the left side were killing me - that pain is gone! And, I still have a small grin on my face. Thanks James!

Anna Perkinson